Car Audio Installations

Trunk Entertainment system installed in the trunk of a sports carAuto Obsessionz specializes in custom car audio installations. We can take standard systems fit into your non-standard vehicle. We can install sound systems that are amazing and provide you with great entertainment.

  • Custom Door Panels & Speakers Systems
  • Custom Sub-woofer enclosures: We create the enclosure specifically for your vehicle.
  • We can sell you the sound system or install your own.
  • DVD Screens
  • Navigation GPS systems
  • Backup Rear View Cameras
  • Custom iPod, iPhone or iPad installations
  • Any sound system creation you can think of, we can help you with.

Custom Car Audio Stereo, LCD Screens, Sub-Woofers and more!`Our staff is very experienced and trained in a wide array of installation projects. Our car audio installations customers include owners of exotic cars such as Ferrari, Rolls Royce, BMW, Mercedes, Lexus and more.

Obviously if the owners of these vehicles trust their “babies” with us, you can too. No matter how expensive, no matter how new or old, we can fit your budget.

View our Gallery of Car Sound Systems Work that we’ve created here.