Paint Protection (xpel Clear Bra)

3M Scotchgard Clear Bra Paint Protection Sales and InstallationWhen your car deserves the best, you need to protect it from the damages of the road.

In the past, we had to buy those unsightly bras that fit to the front of our nice cars. They often created problems from rubbing underneath, and they didn’t really look all that good. Now there’s a new option that doesn’t change the way your car looks. Presenting 3M’s Invisible Paint Protection (aka Clear Bra).

Your vehicle’s paint can become dirty and chipped in the front.  Even with the best care, it happens.  With “Invisible Patterns” film applied to the front of your vehicle, your paint is protected — invisibly.

Professionally installed with the custom film that is perfect for you car. When we are done, you won’t even see it unless you are looking for it way up close.

Call us for cost and details for your car or truck today.

See some of our Clear Bra Paint Protection work in our gallery here